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NIX - один из топовых провайдеров приватных читов для различных игр. Данный чит на EFT, зарекомендовал себя с лучшей стороны, регулярные обновления, хороший функционал, много положительных отзывов и все это по доступной цене!


Функции Софта

  • Memory Aimbot: Adjusts weapon aim to directly target the enemy.
  • Silent Aim: Manipulate Weapon Bullets without changing the player's view.
  • TriggerBot: Fires when the crosshair intersects with an enemy.
  • Prediction: Accounts for enemy movement when aiming.
  • Raytrace Support (Visible Check): Confirms if enemies are visible before aiming/firing.
  • Smoothing: Smoothens aimbot movements to appear more natural.
  • Target Bone Selection: Allows selection of specific enemy body parts to target.
  • Max Distance: Limits targeting to enemies within a certain distance.
  • FOV Circle: Shows the field of view in which aimbot will activate.
  • Wallbang: Allows bullets to hit enemies through walls.
  • Manipulation/Extended Lean: Enhances the ability to lean out from cover.
  • Ricochet: Bullets can ricochet off surfaces to hit targets.
  • No Recoil: Removes weapon recoil.
  • No Spread: Eliminates bullet spread.
  • No Sway: Stops weapon sway when aiming.
  • No Weapon Malfunction: Prevents weapon malfunctions.
  • Fast Bullet: Increases bullet velocity.
  • Instant ADS: Instantly aim down sights.
  • Name: Displays the names of players and scavs.
  • Distance: Shows how far away players and scavs are.
  • Weapon: Displays the weapons carried by others.
  • Health Bar & Text: Shows health status.
  • Box (Cornered/Full): Draws a box around targets.
  • Skeleton: Outlines the skeleton of targets.
  • Visibility Checks: Indicates whether targets are visible.
  • Important Player ESP: Warns if known streamer/developer.
  • Player Data ESP: K/D, Level, Hours.
  • Chams: Highlights enemy players through textures with bright, customizable colors for easy identification.
  • Containers, Quest Items, Corpses: Identifies important loot types.
  • Normal Items: Lists nearby items.
  • - Name
  • - Distance
  • - Value
  • - Container Item List
  • Show Exfil Points: Marks extraction points.
  • Names & Distances: Displays names and distances to extraction points.
  • Setting Hotswap: Allows you to swap between different settings on hotkey press.
  • Multiple Search: Allows you to search multiple pockets at the same time.
  • Instant Search: Instantly Searches all pockets.
  • Debug Freecam: Allows you to move your camera around without moving your character.
  • Loot Through Walls: Enables looting through walls within <2.5m distance.
  • No Visor Effect: Removes visual effects from face shields.
  • Night Vision: Enhances visibility in the dark.
  • Thermal Vision: Lets you see through thermal goggles w/o having them.
  • Fast Stamina Regen: Speeds up stamina recovery.
  • Fast Mag Reloading: Increases reloading speed.
  • No Tremor: Prevents shaking effects.
  • No Slowdown: Removes movement penalties.
  • Shoot While Running: Allows firing while sprinting.
  • Speedhack: Increases movement speed.
  • High Jump: Allows higher jumps.
  • God Mode/Snake Mode: Makes you more difficult to shoot/hurt.
  • Crosshair TP: Teleports you to Crosshair within a specific distance.
  • Reveal/Drop Dogtag: Allows you to reveal and drop your dogtag so that other players won't be able to loot you on death.
  • Players & Scavs: Displays nearby players and scavs on a radar.
  • Configurable Distance: Allows setting the radar's range.
  • Visibility Checks: Radar checks if targets are visible.
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Combat:
  • - Triggerbot - On Key Press, only shoot while ads, Max distance, Delay shots
  • Weapon Mods:
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Instant ADS
  • Player/Scav ESP:
  • Name
  • Distance
  • Weapon
  • Health Bar & Text
  • Box (Cornered/Full)
  • Skeleton
  • Visibility Checks
  • Loot ESP:
  • Containers, Quest Items, Corpses
  • Normal Items:
  • - Name
  • - Distance
  • - Value
  • - Container Item List
  • Misc Visuals:
  • Quest Helper ( Locations & Items )
  • Weapon Laser
  • Bright Night
  • Time Changer
  • Ammo Indicator
  • Weapon Fire Mode
  • Hostile Aim Detection
  • Crosshair
  • Exfil ESP:
  • Show Exfil Points
  • Names & Distances
  • Misc
  • Debug Camera,
  • Streamer mode
  • Anti afk
  • Combat mode
  • No Weapon Malfunction

Системные Требования

Игровой клиент:

Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO

Bsg launcher

Поддерживаемые процессоры:

Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO

Intel и AMD


Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO

Windows 10 / Windows 11 ФОРМАТ BIOS: UEFI


Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO



Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO


Игровой режим:

Приватные читы для разных игр - UP-GAME.PRO